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Why are my lips always chapped?

Why are my lips always chapped?

Why are my lips always chapped? 

This is a challenge that plagues so many of us. It seems like no matter what new product you try nothing seems to cure your painful dry crack lips. Sometimes it can feel like some of the products you buy to help your lips are actually making them worse. The truth is that most of those products are actually doing more harm than good but I'll get more into that later. I first want to shed some light on a few common habits that you might not even be aware of that are causing your lips to be chapped. 

Lip Licking and Lip Smacking/Rubbing  

If I had to take a guess without ever meeting you I would say your lips are chapped because you're licking your lips. I won’t lie to you, it's not a habit that will be easy to quit but I would urge you to start to become more conscious of this lip licking action and fight like hell to avoid it at all costs. The reason kicking this habit is so difficult is because it's a habit that becomes so second nature that you probably don’t even realize when or how often you're doing it. 

Lip licking is so bad for your lips because our saliva is packed with powerful enzymes to break food down. Those enzymes are great for aiding in digestion but can cause havoc on the delicate skin on your lips. It might seem like you're soothing your lips by licking them when they are chapped but it’s arguably the worst thing you can do.

The same goes for lip smacking or rubbing. It’s a chronic habit you may not even notice you're doing but has an equally harmful affect on your lip as licking. If you aren’t sure what I mean by lip smacking or rubbing I'm referring to the action you do when applying lipstick or gloss when you rub your lips together to disperse the product more evenly. Take a look as the gif below for reference.

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For healthy pain free soft lips you it's critical that you train yourself to stop licking or rubbing your lips together. If you need some help in the beginning a great way to do this is by using a lip balm with ingredients that actually nurture your lips not harm them and to use a balm that is flavor free. 

Using Lip Balm With Harmful ingredients

Like I mentioned earlier most mainstream lip balms contain ingredients that are harmful for the lip area and leave your lips worse than when you started. This goes for products at all price points just because you are spending more on a trendy lip balm doesn’t always mean it has quality ingredients.  

When shopping for a lip balm to help your chronic dry lips some ingredients to avoid at all costs are humectants like hyaluronic acid which actually draws the moisture out of the lip. Menthol or peppermint which are very common ingredients in lip balms but they are highly irritating and can disrupt the moisture barrier on your lips. You should also stay away from alcohol derivatives and salicylic acid.  

Ingredients that heal

 Lanolin is a powerful occlusive moisturizer that hydrates lips and locks in moisture. It’s been used for centuries in cosmetics and skin care products and for people who suffer from chronic chapped lips is a major game changer. I personally suffered for years with dry lips until I discovered lanolin, for lots of people its the only thing that truly works.

Another super important part of choosing a lip balm is finding a balm that is free of artificial sweeteners and flavor oils. Although it's tempting to want a lip product that smells like candy, these flavor oils are actually one of the contributing factors in your lip licking habit. When it comes to lip balm you want to go flavor free all together and maybe even look for a balm with a bitter flavor to train yourself from licking it all off. 

If your looking for a balm free of harmful ingredients and artificial sweeteners check out the Kitsune Beauty Lanolin lip balm. Which was formulated to for people who suffer from chronic dry painful chapped lips.


For more tips on kicking your lip licking habit read our pervious article here.

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