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Top 5 Best Lanolin Lip Balms

Top 5 Best Lanolin Lip Balms

top 5 best lanolin lip balms

If you suffer from chronically dry chapped lips then you are probably familiar with the hydrating power house known as lanolin. This uber- hydrating emollient has been used for hundreds of years in cosmetic and medicine to help alleviate dry cracked skin. Pure lanolin is an incredible moisturizer but for many it can be too thick and sticky to use alone. If you are one of those people who likes a lanolin forward balm but prefers a more spreadable texture than one of these 5 lanolin lips balms might be for you!

Check out our picks for the top 5 best lanolin lip balms!

Kitsune Beauty Lanolin Lip Balm 

top 5 best lanolin lip balms

If it feels like you’ve tried tons of lip balms on the market that have left your lips feeling worse than where you began and you can’t figure out why then look no further than the Kitsune Beauty Lanolin Lip balm. This balm was formulated to heal chronically dry chapped lips.  With lanolin as the star ingredient this balm is fused with other powerful moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba and olive derived squalane. Don’t let the minimal ingredients fool you this balm has a luxurious buttery and creamy texture that is sure to soothe even the driest lips. 

The balm is also unscented and has no artificial fragrances or flavor oils which helps to prevent lip licking which is one of the main proponents of chapped lips. If you’ve tried some of the other lanolin lip balms but found the texture too heavy or found them lacking in lanolin percentage then the Kitsune Beauty lanolin lip balm will not disappoint. 

The balm comes in Original which is clear with no pigment or Rose glow which gives lips a sheer wash of rosy shine. 


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - ***(Reformulated in 2020)

If you're looking for heavy duty moisture and long lasting staying power then the bite beauty agave lip mask shouldn't be missed. This lip treatment is super hydrating but to some may be a bit too thick in texture it is very reminiscent of the 100% lanolin texture. When it's first squeezed out the tube the texture is a little hard to work with but as the warmth of your body warms the product up the texture becomes more malleable and easier to slide on the lips. The best part of this product besides the big lanolin percentage is the staying power because of its thick texture it stays on for hours and you don't have to reapply after eating or drinking.

The product has added sweetener and scent so if you like to taste or smell your balm then you might enjoy this. It also comes in several different shades.

Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm 

top 5 best lanolin lip balms

This rich and hydrating lip balm is a cult classic in Australia and has been developing the following states as well over the last few years. These tinted balm are great for providing moisture as well as providing a natural  ‘your lips but better shade’. The formula is thick and slightly sticky to some but if you use it sparingly then you shouldn’t experience any goopiness.

The ingredients in the balm are all natural and super clean. They also use a proprietary form of exclusive ‘ultra medical grade’ lanolin as their star ingredient.  The formula has fragrance and sweetener but is not overpowering.


Glossier Balm Dot Com 

top 5 best lanolin lip balms

Alright so this balm is not exactly a lanolin heavy balm but we wanted to mention it because it does list lanolin as the 4th ingredient in the balm. This balm was not personally hydrating enough for my dry lips but if you don’t suffer from chronic dry lips then this balm may be enough for you. It is petroleum jelly based so if you are not a fan it is something to keep in mind as well. 

In terms of aesthetics and scents nothing beats this balm. Glossier is always coming out with new flavor/scents and colors for this balm to keep things fresh and new. So if vibes and cute packaging are of great importance to you then this might be the balm for you.

Dr. Lipp Natural Tinted Lanolin Balm

top 5 best lanolin lip balms 

This balm consists of only 4 all natural ingredients which makes this the most simple of all the balms on our list. What makes this formula so unique aside from its simple list of ingredients is that the pigments used to tint the balm come from superfoods. Sweet potato, red radish and elderberry are all utilized as pigments for this balm which makes the product 100% edible. However if you are looking for a deep color pay off these balms are not for you, the tint is very sheer and not very noticeable. Since this balm is almost entirely pure lanolin with no other oils or butters to balance out the stickiness the texture is very thick and may be hard to apply for some.

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