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Learn More About Kitsune Beauty and Why We Got Started

Learn More About Kitsune Beauty and Why We Got Started


My name is Annisa, The founder and creator of Kitsune Beauty. I wanted to share my story with you and give you a little insight on why the brand was created. I was raised in Florida, which might technically be the most southern state in the United States but feels more like the Caribbean in culture and more relevantly to our story, climate. The weather is hot and humid year round with the summer bringing hurricane season and daily rain showers. I moved to Chicago in 2011 to pursue a career in fashion. 

To say the dry and weather in the midwest was a shock to the system would be an understatement. I didn’t really have a skincare regime in Florida because truthfully I was young with no real skin problems so I didn’t need one. Moving to Chicago changed that almost immediately. My skin went from low maintenance to dehydrated and patchy real quick. After some research and trial and error I was able to find a skincare routine that hydrated and protected my skin through all of Chicago’s notorious climates. However there was one problem that I just could not seem to find a product for and that was my chronic dry lips. 

I tried tons of different products on that market from expensive brands at Sephora to every balm in the drugstore but nothing seems to help my cracked dry painful lips. In fact the majority of the products I tried made my lips feel worse. So after getting fed up I decided to take the matter into my own hands and started researching ingredients in lip balm. 

What I found was shocking and disheartening.  Lots of common ingredients in mainstream lip balm products are actually very harmful to the sensitive skin on the lips. Looking at you menthol, peppermint extract, salicylic acid and alcohol derivatives. Even some ingredients that seem like they are great for your skin can actually do harm to lips like hyaluronic acid or glycerin which are humectants, which means they draw moisture out of the deepest layers on your lips leaving them worse then where you started. 

After learning about all the harmful ingredients I next went on a hunt for ingredients that actually heal the lips. I searched and searched and nothing truly worked till I found lanolin.  Lanolin is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. It may sound a bit odd but lanolin is a very common ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products ancient and modern. It is a super emollient that heals cracked lips and locks in moisture. 

After finding and using medical grade lanolin alone with great results I began to experiment mixing lanolin with other hydrating ingredients that helped my lips. That is where the Kitsune Beauty Lanolin Lip Balm was born. After years of tweaking and testing I’ve finally mastered the formulation and want to share it with people who are struggling with chapped lips. This balm is packed with high quality natural ingredients that really soothe and protect your lips. It has also been formulated without any artificial flavoring which helps prevent lip licking one of the other huge proponents of chapped lips.



Jan 18, 2022 • Posted by Dawn

What was the thought process behind choosing the name Kitsune Beauty?

Oct 12, 2020 • Posted by pooja shah

first of all thank you for all the information about chapped lips and how to presvent licking
As you mentioed about lanolin, it is made from sheep wool. can you gurentee that in this process none of the sheep is harmed
can the source of this lipbalm is purly animal violence free ?

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