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An Intro To Japanese Drugstore Mascara

Japanese Mascara Review- Dolly wink, d.j.v, Heroine make

An Intro To Japanese 'Film-Type' Mascara

For years before I even had a proper beauty routine I always I lived by only one rule, Never leave the house without mascara. Even on days that I couldn't be bothered with wearing any other makeup. Just a few stroked on the lashes and I instantly felt more empowered to take on the day. Now that my beauty routine has diversified I still make up sure my lashes are fully coated before I step outside. I like for my lashes to be full and long but never clumpy. To achieve this look I typically go for a volume mascara.  I have tried several over the years but I tend to always go back to the Voluminous line by L'oreal. 

While a part of  me will probably always stay devoted to L'oreal I decided  it was time to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new. After hearing amazing things about the drugstore mascaras from Japan I thought I'd see how they stack up against there U.S counterparts. 

Dolly Wink Mascara Long Review

DollyWink Long Mascara


  • Long Lashes

  • Removes with Hot Water

  • Doesn't Smudge

  • Long Wearing


  • Clumpy

  • Terrible Brush

The Dolly Wink Long mascara has a lot of good qualities. Its gives you long but natural looking lashes. If you are someone with greasy lids or water eyes you don't have to worry about this mascara running or smudging. This stuff stays put all day!    

The problem I have with this mascara is the brush applicator. Its a very thin spooly that when used alone applies a clumpy wet coat. When using this mascara I very lightly coat my lashes with a few strokes then go over my lashes again with a fuller spooly to separate and remove clumps. 

While I'm not a fan of the brush I do love the formula and the results. This is one of two mascara on the list that I would consider repurchasing. However I think next time I will go for the 'Volume' variation. 

Rating 4/5


D.J.V FiberWig 


  • Long lashes


  • Flaky

  • Stracthes eyeballs

  • Smudges

  • Hard to fully remove

This Mascara was the biggest disappointment of the batch. I had heard about this FiberWig mascara a few years ago when they were making there American Launch. They claim that this is Japanese top selling mascara and that a tube is sold every 20 seconds.  After using this Mascara everyday for a week I honestly have no idea how that can be possible. 

I don't know if I maybe got a bad batch or something but I found this formula to be quite dry and flaky. The tiny fiber particles kept falling into my eyeballs throughout the day making them itch like crazy. Even though this product kept falling into my eyes all day ironically I also found this stuff was close to impossible to remove! I tried hot water and many different types of eye makeup removers but it wouldn't budge. 

Overall I hated this stuff and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I gave it a rating of 2 because I liked the brush and it does give you long lashes. 

Rating 2/5


D.J.V Tiny Sniper 


  • Small Brush


  • Smudges

  • Itchy

The Tiny Sniper seems like the perfect addition to anyones mascara arsenal. Its small brush is the perfect size to get into those hard to reach areas like the lower lash line or the corners of the eye.  As someone who usually just avoids those areas all together in fear of smearing, I thought picking this mascara up would solve that problem. However its cons are very similar to its partner the Fiberwig mascara. I found that the fibers were getting caught in my eyeball throughout the day an itched like hell. I also noticed that after a few hours the product smudged a gave me raccoon eyes. 

Rating 3/5



ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara 


  • Long Lashes

  • No Smudging

  • No flaking

  • Removes with Cleansing Oil


  • Brush


The Heroine Make mascara is another super popular product in Japan and I would say its for good reason. This stuff lived up to all the hype, it made my lashes look super long without looking clumpy or piece-y. The product didn't smudge underneath my eyes or flake into them which was a lovely treat after the dreaded fiberwig. I also found that while it was a bit hard to remove it wasn't nearly as difficult as other fiber mascaras. I would recommend removing this with a cleansing oil or balm. 

The only thing I didn't like about this mascara was the wand. If it wasn't obvious by now a fluffy or full wand is important to me. It might in someways be more important to me than formula. The brush of the Heroine Make is fluffy at the base but then gets skinnier at the end to form a point. I found that excess product would just gather at the point and would make my lashes clumpy if I didn't remember to clean the off the excess with a napkin before using. 

Aside from the wand concerns which is a total personal preference I think this is a great mascara. I think next time I might go with the Long variation next time. 

Rating 4/5


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