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My Experience with the Honest Beauty bundle subscription

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When it comes to purchasing new beauty products, I'm a complete sucker for chic packaging. It's one of my greatest flaws. I can't help myself. I must collect cute things! My lack of self-control is how I ended up with so many products from Glossier. Yeah, sure, the products never produced great results for my skin, but the adorable powder pink and white packaging displayed in my bathroom made the money spent well worth it. So, it probably goes without saying that I knew I wanted to try Honest Beauty at first glance. The sophisticated minimalist packaging seemed to be calling to me.

I was also intrigued because while promoting the new brand, Jessica Alba mentioned that part of her reason for creating the line of cosmetics was because she found it hard to find makeup that matched her skin tone. It's a problem that has plagued me for years, so I appreciated the fact that Honest Beauty made it a point to celebrate diversity by offering a wide shade range.  

The average price of one product is around $25, but you can also choose to make it a bundle and save up to 50% off the retail price. If you choose to go the bundle route, you get three products of your choice sent to your door for $50. Never being able to resist a good deal, I decided to go with the bundle and picked the products I wanted. 

Please note that if you choose to purchase the bundle, you are also agreeing to opt into their subscription service. The bundle subscription will ship automatically every four weeks with three items of your choice. However, you do have the ability to change the ship dates easily on the Honest Beauty App. You can also easily cancel your bundle subscription with a quick phone call if you decide.   

The entire collection consists of 83 pieces ranging from skincare products to makeup. With so many different items to choose from, I was certain that I would keep the bundle subscription for a while. However, after receiving my first bundle, I quickly began to wish I had paid closer attention to the organic and cruelty-free claims. 

The fact that this collection is considered "all-natural" or "green," quite frankly, went in one ear and out the other. But, please, if you only take one thing away from this chat, let it be that those phrases do actually mean something. While this line is great for people who are specifically looking for a green approach to beauty, overall, I found the texture and consistency of these "natural" products to be very different from mainstream products. 

Keep reading for insights on individual products. 


Honest Beauty Everything Primer Review

The Everything Primer, in my opinion, is the shining star of the collection. This primer is packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to keep skin plump and hydrated. I have used this product as a base for my foundation but have found that I prefer to use this product alone, on my good skin days. The Mica in this primer adds a subtle, luminous glow. 

I only have two gripes with this primer. The first is that it has a strange smell, but it dissipates over time. The other problem I have is that it comes in such a small tube. While I do like this product, I'm still on the fence about re-buying. 



Honest Beauty Everything Tinted Moisturizer .jpg

I picked this product because I was looking for a summer alternative to foundation. Hoping to find something with sheer coverage and solid SPF, I thought choosing this item was a no-brainer. After using the Everything Tinted Moisturizer for a few weeks, all I can say is that this stuff is THICK. The consistency of this tinted moisturizer is very dense and is best applied with your fingers. The coverage is medium-to-full. Depending on what your needs are this might be a good thing, but since I was looking for something more sheer and build-able I was not pleased. This stuff just felt like a mask on the face. 



Honest Beauty Truly kissable lip crayon
 Truly Kissable Crayon, Coral Kiss

Truly Kissable Crayon, Coral Kiss

Being a lipstick addict, this was the item that I was most excited to try. I chose the color Coral Kiss because it looked like the perfect color for everyday summer wear. This product, however, was a letdown for the same reason as the tinted moisturizer. The thick consistency of the crayon did not sit well on my lips. However, I will say that the crayon had a great color payoff and was not sheer at all. 


Before I go I should say that even though I did not love the products I received from Honest Beauty I hope it does not stop you from trying them out. Everyone is looking for different things in there beauty purchases and just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean someone else won't love it. Have you tried Honest Beauty? Comment below with your favorite or least favorite products.