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If You're Over Matte Lips, Try Juicy Lips

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Missha Glam Fever, Hollika Hollika Volip tint,Secret key tint glow

Missha Glam Fever Oil Tint - Rating 4/5

This was the first oil tint I ever used so I tried to keep my expectations to a minimum.  However, after testing these out at home when they first arrived I knew they would become a summer staple for me.  

First up lets talk texture, the oil tint glides on the lips easily leaving behind a shiny wash of color.  As someone with dry lips I found the formula to be extremely hydrating and light.  I've also found that after the tint wears off, my lips are left soft, smooth and flake free.

Second is color, As you can tell from the photos above the color pay off it not exactly bold.  It's really just a slight tint that adds a major shine. I find it to be the perfect amount of color for daytime wear. 

The reason these babies don't get a perfect rating is because unfortunately I find they don't last on the lips very long. You have a solid 20 minutes before you will need to reapply. Another issue I have is that when both shades dry up they leave behind a bright pink stain. However, this is a typical problem I come across with most Asian Beauty tint/stain.



Hollika Hollika Enamel Volip Tint - Rating 4/5

After falling in love with the Missha Glam Fever I decided I needed more oil tints in my life. For some reason when I came across the Hollika Holikka Enamel Volip Tint I was under the impression that they were also oil tints.  I can't remember why exactly I came to that assumption, but after using both its safe to say this is not an oil tint.  

The texture is a bit more sticky and thicker then Missha but definitely not as heavy as a traditional gloss. Hollika Hollika is calling it a 'melting gel formula'. Not as weightless or moisturizing as the Missha but it has an overall nice consistency on the lips.  

As you can see in the photos above these tints are incredibly pigmented. If you are looking for bright, shiny, juicy lips this is the tint you want. You have the ability to go for a gradient look or work your way up to a bold more opaque shade. In the photos above I have built the color up with two coats. Also please note that Citrine Pitch reads more orange in person. Both shades also stain the lips bright pink after the shine fades.



Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow - Rating 4/5

I purchased these in the hopes of finding a dupe for the Dior Addicts Glow tint.  While the packaging is an obvious copy thats where the comparisons of the two end. The texture of the Sweet Glam is thicker and the color pay off is more opaque than the Dior. 

Initially I was disappointed in the creamy texture and quickly tossed them aside.  However, after a few weeks of ignoring them, I tried them out again and started to see them in a new light.  

Of the three brands compared today, these are the only tints that leave a stain true to their color (Mishha and Hollika Hollika stain bright pink). The Chic Burgundy shade looks especially gorgeous after the satin shine wears off. It leaves a berry stain that looks natural and is long lasting.  

While I do have a new found respect for them these tints are not as fool proof as the others. You must make sure your lips are in great shape before applying. Use a scrub and add a thin layer of balm because these formula will certainly enhance any dry or rough patches on your lips. 



I like them all for different reason. One of them has amazing pigmentation one of them is long lasting but which would I choose if I could only have one? I would go with the one that feels best on the lipS which would have to be the Missha Glam Fever Oil Tints. I just love the amazing oil tint texture. I can easily apply these to even the most dry and chapped of lips and they will hydrate them while adding shine and slight color. Perfect for low  maintenance everyday use. 

Are any of you lip tint fans? Leave a comment below with your favorite brands and shades!

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