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Sunscreen Review: Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream

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Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream

The sunscreen strugle is real

When you make the decision to take better care of your skin, your journey is likely to begin with sunscreen. It's the golden rule of youthful healthy skin. However, many people skip this step because lets face it most sunscreens suck.  It might be a cardinal sin but I will admit to being one of those people.  For me personally the benefits of sun protection never seemed to outweigh the constant clogged pores or the pasty white cast left behind.  It took getting a painful sunburn for me to realize the error of my ways. 

After my coming to Jesus moment I made it my mission to find a sunscreen that well- ya know... didn't suck. Honestly my expectation were not that high.  My main goal was to find a simple SPF that did not irritate my skin and played well under my makeup. 

For weeks I searched high and low, testing several different mainstream American brands.  And week after week, they all produced the same lack luster performance and were eventually tossed in the bin. I was at the point of giving up on my sunscreen search when I came across two words that would forever change my outlook on sunscreen.  And what were those magic words?  Asian Beauty, to be more precise Korean Beauty. 


Of course if you have been a skincare junkie for a while then those words are probably very familiar.  But if you are fairly new to the world of skincare like myself, discovering Asian beauty was a complete game changer. 

The Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream was my introduction into the world of Korean beauty.  And boy was it a lovely intro. The moment I got my hands on this sunscreen I knew that it would be different then any sunscreen that came before.  With ingredients like Moisturizing Cactus extract, Lotus Flower and Hyaluronic Acid the sunscreen feels more like a moisturizer than SPF.  It also sinks into the skin seamlessly with an almost cooling effect. 

Other benefits include its creamy but light weight texture.  The Watery Sun Cream also has a nice fruity scent that is welcome departure from the usual American sunscreen scent. It also will never leave you with the dreaded white cast and works well as a base for makeup. 


Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream Verdict:   OVERALL RATING: 4/5

This sunscreen is near perfect, but I only have two real problems with it.  The first is that it only offers mild protection from the sun.  This would be a great sunscreen for a cloudy day or if you are going to put another product with additional sunscreen on top.  Which brings me to the second bother with this sunscreen which is the price tag.  While it does feel great on the skin Im not sure I can justify spending $30 on a sunscreen that doesn't offer max protection. 


  • Lovely Scent
  • UVA and UVB Protection
  • Hydrating
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • No White Cast
  • Works well under makeup
  • Antioxidants  


  • Price
  • Size
  • Mild Protection



Sunscreen Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

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Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ Review

are expensive sunscreens the only way ?

Before I discovered the realm of Asian Beauty, I believed that all sunscreens were created equal.  I was never quite sure of the specifics, but I knew I was not a fan. After trying several different mainstream drugstore brands I was always left less than happy with their performance.  

If you're willing to shell out the cash you may be able to find a great sunscreen from one of the high end cosmetics brands like Clinique or Paula's Choice.  Kiehl's, for example, has an amazing sunscreen option in there Super Fluid Uv Defense Sunscreen but with a price tag of $61 for only 4.2 oz its not a product I can justify repurchasing.

Most dermatologists recommend using an average of 2 tablespoons to properly coat the entire body. If you're only covering your face and neck your gonna need at least 1/4 tsp. Its important to have a generous hand when applying sunscreen and lets be honest that's hard to do when your sunscreen costs a fortune.

Asian Beauty Sunscreen options

After diving head first into the world of Asian beauty I quickly learned that a good sunscreen doesn't have to cost you and arm and leg.  In fact, eastern drugstores have what seems like a never ending supply of affordable and amazing sunscreen options.  Some brands are completely foreign while others may seem familiar like Biore or Nivea but don't confuse these with there American counterparts they couldn't be more different. 

In the U.S, sunscreen is regulated by the FDA. Now this might blow your mind but the last time the FDA approved of a new ingredient for sunscreen was the year 2000. So while Europe and Asia have been making huge strides in sunscreen technologies and formula we have been literally stuck in time.

Another thing to note about Eastern sunscreen options is there superior level of protection.  Not only do they provide protection from UVB Rays (Rays that Burn the top layers of skin).  They also protect from UVA Rays (Rays that penetrate the deepest layers of skin and cause premature aging and sun cancer). You can find out how much UVA protection is provided by reading the PA + rating.  As of 2016 the max level of UVA protection is PA++++. 


I decided to try the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence from Japan after reading pages and pages of universal praise. It also had a great price tag coming in around $10.  After using the sunscreen for the first time I was beyond impressed.  It has a very lovely light-weight texture that seems to disappear into the skin. 

When I purchased the sunscreen I initially thought that the term 'watery essence' was some kind of strange translation but I was wrong. This stuff starts out in a gel like consistency but as you rub it into the skin it emulsifies and takes on the look and feel of water. It absorbs in seconds and leaves behind no white cast or scent. 

While I can definitely understand why this sunscreen has reached cult classic status for many, I personally did not end up loving this as much as I thought I would.  Yes, the texture and sun protection are amazing but after using it for a week straight I found my skin to be extremely dry.  This sunscreen (like most Japanese sunscreens) has a high percentage of alcohol which isn't a great match for someone with dry skin like myself. 

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Verdict: Overall Rating: 3/5 

This sunscreen kicks the butt of any of its american drugstore counterparts it just was not the best fit for me personally. I have normal to dry skin and I found the high alcohol content in the sunscreen seemed to dry me out further. When it comes to alcohol content in skincare it really just depends on your skin. Some people have no reaction to it at all while others see negative reactions. With the price and texture of the sunscreen being so great I would really urge everyone to give it a try. 


  • Max UVA protection
  • Max UVB protection 
  • Wonderful light texture 
  • Absorbs Quickly 
  • No white cast 
  • Price


  • Alcohol content
  • Slight Alcohol scent  
  • Not Ideal for Dry skin 

Sunscreen Review: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid

SunscreenAnnisa DavilaComment


Growing up in Florida I had tan skin year ‘round. I wasn’t a huge sunbather, but just going about my regular scheduled activities in 90-degree weather was enough to keep me with a dark brown complexion that I always assumed was natural. I can remember my mother constantly nagging at my sisters and me to "remember to use sunscreen," but of course by the time we reached the pool or beach her pleas were forgotten. Instead, we would opt for tanning lotion with SPF 4 or even worse—sometimes baby oil. Yes, part of it was that we felt a little rebellious shrugging off our mother's concerns, but the other—maybe the most important thing to note—is that the sunscreens available to us at the time were mediocre at best. I'm sure your mind has now conjured up an image of an orange Banana Boat bottle or perhaps a pale pink tube with a blond baby on it. Whatever brand you may have used, as a child in the United States it really doesn't matter because the differences end at the packaging. The formula was always much too thick to go onto the face without clogging pores, and always seemed to leave behind an unpleasant white cast and strong smell.  

It wasn’t until my early twenties when I moved from the sunshine state to the heart of the Midwest and experienced my first winter that I realized I was not naturally tan. Even after I shed my Florida skin, I still had no interest in sunscreen. It does get pretty sunny here in Chicago during the summer months, but with my limited exposure to the sun, I figured my skin was fine because my foundation always had at least SPF 15 (I know, I was a fool.)


I didn’t become a self-professed sunscreen addict until after a long day outdoors at a music festival. When I came home and looked at myself in the mirror, I was completely shocked at my reflection. My forehead and cheeks were a shade of red that I never knew possible. The next day, when the pain set in, I made it a mission to protect my skin. I went to CVS and was initially very impressed with all the new sunscreen products on the market. I purchased a spray can for my body, and then on a recommendation from my mom, I picked up the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen that boasted a broad spectrum of SPF 70.

With my new sunscreens in tow, I made it a point never to leave the house without my face and body being significantly coated. I even started to nag my boyfriend about the importance of wearing sunscreen daily. Thus, proving we are all destined to become our mothers. After a couple of months of incorporating my new finds into my daily routine, I began to realize that even though these sunblock’s had new packaging and cool delivery, they weren’t very different in formula than the sunscreens from my childhood. The spray can formula went on easily and dried fast, but after an hour of wear, it began to ball up and peel off the skin. Which, as you can imagine, was very embarrassing. I stopped using it opting instead for a more traditional SPF lotion on my body.


I kept the Ultra Sheer in my routine, but after some time of regular use, my face began to break out. I also found that it never seemed to play well with my foundation. Another reason I knew I had to ditch it was because even though it was a very sheer and seemingly fluid consistency, it did not go onto the skin easily. I had to tug to apply it, and once I did cover my face, I noticed that it left behind the universally unflattering white cast.

Even though the Ultra Sheer didn’t cut it for facial wear, I still loved its SPF70 claims, so I now solely use Ultra Sheer as protection for my hands. It might seem silly, but we all have to remember that it's very important to protect our hands and necks from the sun because they are one of the first parts of our bodies to show aging.  

With my first sunscreen picks leaving much to be desired, I knew that I had to use something. I refused to let the sun steal my youth. So I made it my mission to find the best sunscreens on the market focusing mainly on facial use. I hope you all will keep returning to see how I score my new sunscreen finds.

I would also love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below to share your holy grail sunscreens. Im also looking to add to my collection! 


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen Verdict:


  • Broad spectrum SPF 70
  • UVB protection
  • Fluid consistency


  • Strong sunscreen scent
  • Hard to blend
  • White cast
  • Clogs pores
  • Drying
  • Chalky

 Rating: 2/5

This rating is based on facial use. The Ultra Sheer breaks two of the cardinal rules of sunscreen use by clogging pores and leaving behind a white cast. There are several better sun protection alternatives on the Asian and European markets.