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Living Proof (PhD) Night Cap Review | The Overnight Hair Treatment Miracle

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Living proof perfect hair day Night Cap


I was born a slave to my hair. Frizzy, fuzzy, unruly were all words that could be used to describe my unkempt mane. As a child, my parents nicknamed me the Lion King. I lost hours of my life dedicated to flat ironing out any texture that I had, making sure every section of my head was completely straight. Of course, if there was ever any humidity in the air then it really was all in vain. My silky indoor locks would quickly turn to frizzy waves at the first signs of moisture in the air. All my hard work undone on the short walk from my apartment to the 'El' stop. A horror that is all too familiar in the spring and summer months where it seems like it rains every day.


That was until I came across the Living Proof Night Cap, which is a part of the Perfect Hair Day (PHD) collection. I half haphazardly received a sample of it with my rewards points from Sephora and after the first use, I knew that this stuff had to be some kind of miracle from the heavens. When it comes to hair care products, I typically keep to a drugstore budget. I’ve probably never spent more $15 on any hair care item before. After using the Night Cap for a week, I was back in Sephora purchasing the full-size bottle. At $28, it was a little steep for me, but with the results I got I would probably pay double for a bottle of this phenomenal goodness. With its multiple uses and immediate results, it has made its way to Holy Grail status in my eyes.


One of the many ways to use the Night Cap is to apply a dime size amount to dry hair before bed and to rinse it out with a shower in the morning. This application also works great if you blow-dry your hair; it keeps your roots frizz-free as you work, and results last for up to three days.
If you don't like to use heat on your hair, you can use the Night Cap as the last phase in a beach wave’s routine. There are hundreds of different ways to air-dry hair but for the purpose of this article, I will share the routine that works best for me.
Step 1) After the shower coat wet hair with a leave-in conditioner focusing on the ends. The one I use is by Amika.

Step 2) Generously spritz hair with a sea salt spray or curl enhancer. I use a combination of two John Frieda products, Dream Curls, and Beach Blonde Sea Waves.

Step 3) Run a comb through your hair to distribute products evenly.

The last step in the beach-y wave’s routine of times past would be to braid my hair and call it a night. While this routine did produce the waves I was looking for, it also made my hair very crunchy and stiff. Now I follow the same process, but I lock it all in with 2-3 pumps of Night Cap from roots to ends and then put in two braids. In the morning, I now wake up to soft-to-the-touch, shiny, frizz-free waves. All I do is add a little texture via powder or spray, and I'm out the door!

Another way to use the Night Cap is to use it on a 2-3 day-old hairstyle that you would like to get a little more life out of. The texture of the cream is very lightweight so your hair will never feel weighed down by the additional product.

 Before I started using the Night Cap, blow-drying my hair was a complete nightmare! The minute the hot air made contact with my hair, the frizz would come on strong. Even getting my hair blown out at a salon would produce the same embarrassing results. The way I knew the product was doing its job was when I went for a haircut after using the Night Cap for a few weeks. When the hairstylist began to rough dry my roots, she mentioned how manageable and frizz-less my hair was without any product in it. Maybe she was just talking aloud, but in my eyes, that was a full-blown compliment.  

Living Proof (PHD) Night Cap Verdict


  • Makes hair more manageable while you sleep
  • Results after one use
  • Great smell
  • Weightless texture
  • Quick absorbency, will not leave residue on sheets
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • De-frizzes
  • Works well with other products


  • Price

 Rating 5/5

Overall, I would, and have, recommended this product to everyone I know. Yes, $28 is on the pricey side, but it delivers big time lasting results. The product is not meant for daily use so the 4 oz. bottle will last for several months.