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Go-to My Lips But Better Products

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 Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude 

Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude 


Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude: If your not familiar with Lipstick Queen Ill give you the short version Poppy King created 2 collections of the same shades of lipsticks but the Sinner collection has 90% pigment and leaves and matte finish and the Saint collection has only 10% pigment and leaves a sheer glossy finish. I feel like I'm gonna love this one in the summer it very glossy and natural, but I think its just a bit to sheer for winter.

 Revlon Lip Butter In Sugar Plum

Revlon Lip Butter In Sugar Plum

Revlon lip butter in Sugar Plum: This is by far my favorite MLBB product whenever I wear it I always have a few people ask me what I'm wearing which is funny because it just good old drugstore Revlon . The Revlon lip butters are another one of my favorite collections they go on so light you feel as if your wearing a lip balm but you also get a pop of color that stays put.

Nars Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm Review and Swatch

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 Nars Orgasm After Glow Lip Balm, Photography by Jeff Delacruz for Kitsune Beauty 

Nars Orgasm After Glow Lip Balm, Photography by Jeff Delacruz for Kitsune Beauty 

Nars Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm 

If you're as big a NARS fan as I am than you have probably been patiently awaiting the release of the Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm for months. They teased the new product back in early March along with some other special edition products from the cult favorite Orgasm range.  All the products looked super intriguing but being the lipstick addict that I am I couldn't resist the Afterglow balm. I picked it up the day it was released for $28 (US) AT Sephora. 

Now that its in my collection my honest opinion is that I should have probably saved my coins for the upcoming release of the Orgasm Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer because The Afterglow balm is pretty much nothing. Before I go on about what I didn't like let me quickly cover what I did. First off the packaging is super luxe and gorgeous. I mean the rose gold tube is half of the reason I bought it, what can I say I'm a sucker for packaging. The only other thing I liked about the product was that when on the lips the formula felt very nice and buttery.

Now on to why I think I should have skipped this product. As you will see in the swatch below this product has an extremely sheer payoff. Even after 5/6 coats the color did not build significantly. My lips are naturally berry pigmented so this product had close to no color payoff while on the lips. However I can say that my lips did look quite pouty and hydrated on. 

While my lips looked hydrated they didn't actually feel very hydrated. Like I said before the texture feels very lovely but it doesn't feel like it helping treat my lips in anyway. In fact once it wears off I find my lips to be a bit flaky. With that said I my lips are typically pretty dry so if your lips are normal this might be a great lip balm for you. A super sheer very expensive lip balm.

Orgasm Afterglow lip balm swatch.jpg
Orgasm Afterglow lip balm swatch

NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm : Rating 2/5 


  • Gorgeous Packaging
  • Light texture, not sticky 


  • Sheer Coverage 
  • No build up 
  • Very Expensive
  • Not very hydrating 

An Intro To Japanese Drugstore Mascara

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 R to L: d.j.v Fiber Wig Mascara, d.j.v Little Sniper, KOJI Dolly Wink Long Mascara, ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara

R to L: d.j.v Fiber Wig Mascara, d.j.v Little Sniper, KOJI Dolly Wink Long Mascara, ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara

An Intro To Japanese 'Film-Type' Mascara

For years before I even had a proper beauty routine I always I lived by only one rule, Never leave the house without mascara. Even on days that I couldn't be bothered with wearing any other makeup. Just a few stroked on the lashes and I instantly felt more empowered to take on the day. Now that my beauty routine has diversified I still make up sure my lashes are fully coated before I step outside. I like for my lashes to be full and long but never clumpy. To achieve this look I typically go for a volume mascara.  I have tried several over the years but I tend to always go back to the Voluminous line by L'oreal. 

While a part of  me will probably always stay devoted to L'oreal I decided  it was time to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new. After hearing amazing things about the drugstore mascaras from Japan I thought I'd see how they stack up against there U.S counterparts. 



 DollyWink Long Mascara 

DollyWink Long Mascara 


DollyWink Long Mascara


  • Long Lashes
  • Removes with Hot Water
  • Doesn't Smudge
  • Long Wearing 


  • Clumpy 
  • Terrible Brush 

The Dolly Wink Long mascara has a lot of good qualities. Its gives you long but natural looking lashes. If you are someone with greasy lids or water eyes you don't have to worry about this mascara running or smudging. This stuff stays put all day!    

The problem I have with this mascara is the brush applicator. Its a very thin spooly that when used alone applies a clumpy wet coat. When using this mascara I very lightly coat my lashes with a few strokes then go over my lashes again with a fuller spooly to separate and remove clumps. 

While I'm not a fan of the brush I do love the formula and the results. This is one of two mascara on the list that I would consider repurchasing. However I think next time I will go for the 'Volume' variation. 

Rating 4/5


 D.J.V FiberWig

D.J.V FiberWig

D.J.V FiberWig 


  • Long lashes 


  • Flaky 
  • Stracthes eyeballs 
  • Smudges 
  • Hard to fully remove 

This Mascara was the biggest disappointment of the batch. I had heard about this FiberWig mascara a few years ago when they were making there American Launch. They claim that this is Japanese top selling mascara and that a tube is sold every 20 seconds.  After using this Mascara everyday for a week I honestly have no idea how that can be possible. 

I don't know if I maybe got a bad batch or something but I found this formula to be quite dry and flaky. The tiny fiber particles kept falling into my eyeballs throughout the day making them itch like crazy. Even though this product kept falling into my eyes all day ironically I also found this stuff was close to impossible to remove! I tried hot water and many different types of eye makeup removers but it wouldn't budge. 

Overall I hated this stuff and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I gave it a rating of 2 because I liked the brush and it does give you long lashes. 

Rating 2/5


 D.J.V Tiny Sniper

D.J.V Tiny Sniper

D.J.V Tiny Sniper 


  • Small Brush 


  • Smudges 
  • Itchy 

The Tiny Sniper seems like the perfect addition to anyones mascara arsenal. Its small brush is the perfect size to get into those hard to reach areas like the lower lash line or the corners of the eye.  As someone who usually just avoids those areas all together in fear of smearing, I thought picking this mascara up would solve that problem. However its cons are very similar to its partner the Fiberwig mascara. I found that the fibers were getting caught in my eyeball throughout the day an itched like hell. I also noticed that after a few hours the product smudged a gave me raccoon eyes. 

Rating 3/5


 ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara

ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara

ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara 


  • Long Lashes 
  • No Smudging 
  • No flaking 
  • Removes with Cleansing Oil 


  • Brush 


The Heroine Make mascara is another super popular product in Japan and I would say its for good reason. This stuff lived up to all the hype, it made my lashes look super long without looking clumpy or piece-y. The product didn't smudge underneath my eyes or flake into them which was a lovely treat after the dreaded fiberwig. I also found that while it was a bit hard to remove it wasn't nearly as difficult as other fiber mascaras. I would recommend removing this with a cleansing oil or balm. 

The only thing I didn't like about this mascara was the wand. If it wasn't obvious by now a fluffy or full wand is important to me. It might in someways be more important to me than formula. The brush of the Heroine Make is fluffy at the base but then gets skinnier at the end to form a point. I found that excess product would just gather at the point and would make my lashes clumpy if I didn't remember to clean the off the excess with a napkin before using. 

Aside from the wand concerns which is a total personal preference I think this is a great mascara. I think next time I might go with the Long variation next time. 

Rating 4/5


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Dupes

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 Colourpop My Jam, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, Revlon Rosy Future, Bite agave lip mask Champage 

Colourpop My Jam, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, Revlon Rosy Future, Bite agave lip mask Champage 

I've been lusting after Fenty Gloss Bomb since the day it dropped! I've been getting back into glosses lately and Gloss Bomb is just my taste. A nude with just a bit of shimmer and lots of shine! The only thing that held me back was the price tag. At $18 (US) a pop, its more than I usually like to spend on lip products. So of course the first thing I did was search all the blogs and groups for some dupes. 

With the Fenty Gloss Bomb being rather new there wasn't a huge list of similar products but I did find a couple that looked promising. The first dupe I picked up was the Coloupop Gloss in the shade My Jam. This product retails for about $6 (US) and while this product is slightly more glittery/metallic than the others its still a pretty close shade match. Even though it has more glitter in it I find that it still feels great on the lips and the color pay off is a bit more opaque than the other two. When the color fades away your lips are left with lots of glitter but its not the chunky kind it actually looks pretty good and feels like nothing. If you like nude glosses but want a bit more shimmer to your look Colourpop My Jam is for you! 

The next dupe I picked up is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Rosy Future which retails for $5.89 (US). When it first arrived I immediately fell in love with it. The shade is a lovely slight rosy nude with a bit of shimmer. It feels great on the lips not sticky or runny just a lovely constancy that offers a pretty good color pay off alone or looks even better over a lipliner.  The only think I didn't like was that Revlon decided to place a big ugly white sticker with the ingredients on the tube. I find it to be an eyesore. 

Even though I loved Rosy Future and wore it often I still desperately longed for Gloss Bomb. What can I say I'm a sucker for packaging and good branding campaign so I finally purchased it during the Sephora VIB sale. It arrived a few hours ago and while it smells like candy and feels very luxurious on the lips it 100% looks exactly like Revlon Rosy Future on the lips! If I'm being honest I think I might even like Revlon better it has a better color pay off in my opinion.

So if you are like me and really want Fenty Gloss bomb but don't want to pay almost $20 for a single gloss than pick up Revlon Rosy Future its a straight up steal at $5.89.

Take a look at the swatches below and let me know if you think! Also please forgive my over grown mustache and acne scars.

 Top: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, Middle: Revlon Rosy Future, Bottom: Colourpop My Jam 

Top: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, Middle: Revlon Rosy Future, Bottom: Colourpop My Jam 

 Top: Fenty Gloss Bomb, Bottom Left: Revlon Rosy Future, Bottom Right: Colourpop My Jam 

Top: Fenty Gloss Bomb, Bottom Left: Revlon Rosy Future, Bottom Right: Colourpop My Jam 

Update 5/8/2018: 

Bite Agave Lip Mask in Champagne is another color dupe y'all! The color is very similar to Gloss bomb but might me slightly less luminous. The lip mask is on the pricer side at $26 which is actually more expensive then Fenty but it doubles as a lip treatment. Its very thick and moisturizing so I've been using this in the pits of winters when my lips are super dry and cracky but I still want to look cute.  

Sunscreen Review: Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream

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Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream

The sunscreen strugle is real

When you make the decision to take better care of your skin, your journey is likely to begin with sunscreen. It's the golden rule of youthful healthy skin. However, many people skip this step because lets face it most sunscreens suck.  It might be a cardinal sin but I will admit to being one of those people.  For me personally the benefits of sun protection never seemed to outweigh the constant clogged pores or the pasty white cast left behind.  It took getting a painful sunburn for me to realize the error of my ways. 

After my coming to Jesus moment I made it my mission to find a sunscreen that well- ya know... didn't suck. Honestly my expectation were not that high.  My main goal was to find a simple SPF that did not irritate my skin and played well under my makeup. 

For weeks I searched high and low, testing several different mainstream American brands.  And week after week, they all produced the same lack luster performance and were eventually tossed in the bin. I was at the point of giving up on my sunscreen search when I came across two words that would forever change my outlook on sunscreen.  And what were those magic words?  Asian Beauty, to be more precise Korean Beauty. 


Of course if you have been a skincare junkie for a while then those words are probably very familiar.  But if you are fairly new to the world of skincare like myself, discovering Asian beauty was a complete game changer. 

The Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream was my introduction into the world of Korean beauty.  And boy was it a lovely intro. The moment I got my hands on this sunscreen I knew that it would be different then any sunscreen that came before.  With ingredients like Moisturizing Cactus extract, Lotus Flower and Hyaluronic Acid the sunscreen feels more like a moisturizer than SPF.  It also sinks into the skin seamlessly with an almost cooling effect. 

Other benefits include its creamy but light weight texture.  The Watery Sun Cream also has a nice fruity scent that is welcome departure from the usual American sunscreen scent. It also will never leave you with the dreaded white cast and works well as a base for makeup. 


Goodal Mild Protect Watery Sun Cream Verdict:   OVERALL RATING: 4/5

This sunscreen is near perfect, but I only have two real problems with it.  The first is that it only offers mild protection from the sun.  This would be a great sunscreen for a cloudy day or if you are going to put another product with additional sunscreen on top.  Which brings me to the second bother with this sunscreen which is the price tag.  While it does feel great on the skin Im not sure I can justify spending $30 on a sunscreen that doesn't offer max protection. 


  • Lovely Scent
  • UVA and UVB Protection
  • Hydrating
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • No White Cast
  • Works well under makeup
  • Antioxidants  


  • Price
  • Size
  • Mild Protection



If You're Over Matte Lips, Try Juicy Lips

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Missha Glam Fever, Hollika Hollika Volip tint,Secret key tint glow

Missha Glam Fever Oil Tint - Rating 4/5

This was the first oil tint I ever used so I tried to keep my expectations to a minimum.  However, after testing these out at home when they first arrived I knew they would become a summer staple for me.  

First up lets talk texture, the oil tint glides on the lips easily leaving behind a shiny wash of color.  As someone with dry lips I found the formula to be extremely hydrating and light.  I've also found that after the tint wears off, my lips are left soft, smooth and flake free.

Second is color, As you can tell from the photos above the color pay off it not exactly bold.  It's really just a slight tint that adds a major shine. I find it to be the perfect amount of color for daytime wear. 

The reason these babies don't get a perfect rating is because unfortunately I find they don't last on the lips very long. You have a solid 20 minutes before you will need to reapply. Another issue I have is that when both shades dry up they leave behind a bright pink stain. However, this is a typical problem I come across with most Asian Beauty tint/stain.



Hollika Hollika Enamel Volip Tint - Rating 4/5

After falling in love with the Missha Glam Fever I decided I needed more oil tints in my life. For some reason when I came across the Hollika Holikka Enamel Volip Tint I was under the impression that they were also oil tints.  I can't remember why exactly I came to that assumption, but after using both its safe to say this is not an oil tint.  

The texture is a bit more sticky and thicker then Missha but definitely not as heavy as a traditional gloss. Hollika Hollika is calling it a 'melting gel formula'. Not as weightless or moisturizing as the Missha but it has an overall nice consistency on the lips.  

As you can see in the photos above these tints are incredibly pigmented. If you are looking for bright, shiny, juicy lips this is the tint you want. You have the ability to go for a gradient look or work your way up to a bold more opaque shade. In the photos above I have built the color up with two coats. Also please note that Citrine Pitch reads more orange in person. Both shades also stain the lips bright pink after the shine fades.



Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow - Rating 4/5

I purchased these in the hopes of finding a dupe for the Dior Addicts Glow tint.  While the packaging is an obvious copy thats where the comparisons of the two end. The texture of the Sweet Glam is thicker and the color pay off is more opaque than the Dior. 

Initially I was disappointed in the creamy texture and quickly tossed them aside.  However, after a few weeks of ignoring them, I tried them out again and started to see them in a new light.  

Of the three brands compared today, these are the only tints that leave a stain true to their color (Mishha and Hollika Hollika stain bright pink). The Chic Burgundy shade looks especially gorgeous after the satin shine wears off. It leaves a berry stain that looks natural and is long lasting.  

While I do have a new found respect for them these tints are not as fool proof as the others. You must make sure your lips are in great shape before applying. Use a scrub and add a thin layer of balm because these formula will certainly enhance any dry or rough patches on your lips. 



I like them all for different reason. One of them has amazing pigmentation one of them is long lasting but which would I choose if I could only have one? I would go with the one that feels best on the lipS which would have to be the Missha Glam Fever Oil Tints. I just love the amazing oil tint texture. I can easily apply these to even the most dry and chapped of lips and they will hydrate them while adding shine and slight color. Perfect for low  maintenance everyday use. 

Are any of you lip tint fans? Leave a comment below with your favorite brands and shades!

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Japanese Lotions 101

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Don't Judge a toner by its label

"How did you even know what you were buying?" is the common question I get from friends when they come across the HADA LABO  Lotion on my skincare shelf. With every single word on the bottle in Japanese, aside from the Made in Japan stamp, its safe to say it stands out among the more mainstream brands in my collection. Sure the label isn't much to look at, but don't let the less than chic packaging fool you. There is a reason the HADA LABO Shiro-jyun Lotion has been a cult classic in Japan for years. 

But Really what is it ? Is it a toner ? Is it a lotion? 

The answer lies somewhere in between. When talking about Japanese skincare those two words seem to be used interchangeably. Its understandable considering the consistency of the "lotion" products on the Japanese market. Although they might look and feel like toners there are two main differences to remember. 

Asian Toners are more hydrating

The first difference in Western vs Asian toners is function. Toners is the U.S as well as Europe are usually considered an extension of the cleansing step. Most are very high in alcohol content and change the PH of your skin. Whereas Asian toners are geared toward hydrating and soothing the skin. Asian toners are also a great foundation for the rest of your skin care routine. 

Even though Japanese toners are more hydrating these products are not just for people with dry skin. If you have very oily skin, using a Japanese lotion after cleansing might still be a good idea. These lotions are a great way to add more hydration to the skin without the added weight of a heavy moisturizer. 

Asian Toners are applied differently
The second most important difference in the two styles of toner is application. Western toners are usually applied to the skin via cotton pad. Asian toners on the other hand are applied using a different process. After cleansing, take 2 to 3 drops the Lotion water and mix between your hands. Then lightly press your palms into your face until the liquid has absorbed.

Please refer to the video below for a simple demonstration. 



So now that you know the basics of Asian toners lets talk results. I choose the Shirojyun lotion in particular because of its powerful whitening ingredients like Arbutin and Vitamin C. The Hada Labo lotions are also packed with the companies signature blend of 3 forms of Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin moisturized.

When you hear the term "whitening" in regards to Asian skincare don't think of the word literally. Instead think of it as meaning brightening. This lotion will not, I repeat will NOT alter the color of your skin.

What it will do however is deliver a brighter and more even skin tone skin.   After only a few days of use I found that the constant redness around my nose and cheeks had dissipated. My skin also looked significantly more plump and supple. 

Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Lotion: Rating 3/5

This is an amazing brightening product. It works extremely fast to help even out skin tone. However there must be an ingredient in it that my skin does not care for. I found that while this product did what it was suppose to do it also caused me to break out in little red bumps. 


  • Fast Results 
  • No Scent 
  • Price 
  • Brightens Skin 
  • Moisturizes
  • Portion Size 


  • Slightly Sticky
  • Breakouts 

Sunscreen Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

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Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ Review

are expensive sunscreens the only way ?

Before I discovered the realm of Asian Beauty, I believed that all sunscreens were created equal.  I was never quite sure of the specifics, but I knew I was not a fan. After trying several different mainstream drugstore brands I was always left less than happy with their performance.  

If you're willing to shell out the cash you may be able to find a great sunscreen from one of the high end cosmetics brands like Clinique or Paula's Choice.  Kiehl's, for example, has an amazing sunscreen option in there Super Fluid Uv Defense Sunscreen but with a price tag of $61 for only 4.2 oz its not a product I can justify repurchasing.

Most dermatologists recommend using an average of 2 tablespoons to properly coat the entire body. If you're only covering your face and neck your gonna need at least 1/4 tsp. Its important to have a generous hand when applying sunscreen and lets be honest that's hard to do when your sunscreen costs a fortune.

Asian Beauty Sunscreen options

After diving head first into the world of Asian beauty I quickly learned that a good sunscreen doesn't have to cost you and arm and leg.  In fact, eastern drugstores have what seems like a never ending supply of affordable and amazing sunscreen options.  Some brands are completely foreign while others may seem familiar like Biore or Nivea but don't confuse these with there American counterparts they couldn't be more different. 

In the U.S, sunscreen is regulated by the FDA. Now this might blow your mind but the last time the FDA approved of a new ingredient for sunscreen was the year 2000. So while Europe and Asia have been making huge strides in sunscreen technologies and formula we have been literally stuck in time.

Another thing to note about Eastern sunscreen options is there superior level of protection.  Not only do they provide protection from UVB Rays (Rays that Burn the top layers of skin).  They also protect from UVA Rays (Rays that penetrate the deepest layers of skin and cause premature aging and sun cancer). You can find out how much UVA protection is provided by reading the PA + rating.  As of 2016 the max level of UVA protection is PA++++. 


I decided to try the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence from Japan after reading pages and pages of universal praise. It also had a great price tag coming in around $10.  After using the sunscreen for the first time I was beyond impressed.  It has a very lovely light-weight texture that seems to disappear into the skin. 

When I purchased the sunscreen I initially thought that the term 'watery essence' was some kind of strange translation but I was wrong. This stuff starts out in a gel like consistency but as you rub it into the skin it emulsifies and takes on the look and feel of water. It absorbs in seconds and leaves behind no white cast or scent. 

While I can definitely understand why this sunscreen has reached cult classic status for many, I personally did not end up loving this as much as I thought I would.  Yes, the texture and sun protection are amazing but after using it for a week straight I found my skin to be extremely dry.  This sunscreen (like most Japanese sunscreens) has a high percentage of alcohol which isn't a great match for someone with dry skin like myself. 

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Verdict: Overall Rating: 3/5 

This sunscreen kicks the butt of any of its american drugstore counterparts it just was not the best fit for me personally. I have normal to dry skin and I found the high alcohol content in the sunscreen seemed to dry me out further. When it comes to alcohol content in skincare it really just depends on your skin. Some people have no reaction to it at all while others see negative reactions. With the price and texture of the sunscreen being so great I would really urge everyone to give it a try. 


  • Max UVA protection
  • Max UVB protection 
  • Wonderful light texture 
  • Absorbs Quickly 
  • No white cast 
  • Price


  • Alcohol content
  • Slight Alcohol scent  
  • Not Ideal for Dry skin