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Made In Small Batches With High-Quality Natural Ingredients

kitsune beauty lanolin lip balm

What Is Lanolin?

Lanolin is super hydrating emollient that helps heal and protect extra chapped lips. Lanolin creates an occlusive barrier on the lips that seals in moisture and leaves lips soft and hydrated .

Kitusune Lanolin Lipbalm Swatch

Most Lip Balms Make Your Lips Worse

Traditional lip balms are packed with ingredients that do our lips more harm than good. Our balm is formulated with high quality all natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil that rejuvenate and protect lips from harsh dry temperatures.

Handmade In Chicago With Love

Created to withstand the cold and dry Chicago winters. Protecting your skin and lips takes on a new meaning in the depths of winter. Our products were created to protect and heal skin and lips damaged by dry winter weather.